About Me

Welcome to Poetic Brew!

Poetry is a way to express emotions. Thus I use poetry to often express what I’m feeling from how I enjoy a cup of tea to darker emotions. It all depends on what was brewed that day, a black tea, a green tea, etc. My emotions are like the different tastes of tea and when they have finished brewing you can find something written out in the leaves. Ahem, enough of that corny writing, I hope you enjoy your stay here. I hope my work creates something for you and if not its okay, not everyone’s style works for everyone. I am in fact trying to find my own voice by exploring traditional style and free style. I am also exploring the world of prose despite this blog being dedicated mostly to poetry. My prose is the weakest form of writing and I want to try to better at it. So enjoy the blog, comment if you ill, and have a great say! ~Melusine Melody


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