Stardust, sung by Nat King Cole

A song that is dear to me because it brings out a poetic sense within. It has words that transcribe into a field of dreams, and it plays with the mind’s senses. No matter what, find this song to be the best of the best when I need some inspiration in a musical sense. After all, music can be it’s own inspiration for writing and this little sweet melancholy song helps with inspiration. No matter what I find it amusing that a song such as this can create so much muse for me. I enjoy it, I embrace the meldou as if it were my own. I try not to disengage from the sweetness the song brings, nor the richness of the coive when I write. Because it is a song that has so much meaning and feeling within it that I find it hard to gnore.

We’re Not Gonna Take it, sung by Twisted Sister

Why is this an important song for me? Well, I have been through so much in life that everyone needs a song that can feel you. This song is the song that does it for me. Whenever I am mad or I feel that people are doing too much against me I blast out We’re Not Gonna Take It and I jam out my feelings. Even though it maybe a song that not many would consider an important song to them, this one has been withim me through the thick and thin of life. Through trying times it has conquered my bad feelings by making me realize that I don’t have to take it, nor do I have to accept it. I mean I do accept reality quite often despite people calling me a visionary, but I find that the music and the song helps me feel relaxed about the situation, or at the least empowered. I find it a fun song to sing at times too. Something that I push forward through this song too are my own feelings. It represents what I feel when I’m angry and I don’t want to take it. So fi you’re ver ever feeling bad about this or that then you can find that th song will resonate often the trying times you’re feeling.

Modern Crusaders sung by Enigma

Okay, this is probably the oddest song yet of the three. I enjoy the French New Age group Enigma, they were the first badn I ever bought a CD from. Seriously, I bought Enigma when I was in middle school and had gotten enough money to buy my first CD. They are very meaningiful to me because I know without them I wouldn’t of been able to get into the New Age genre that is a he big super collasal part of me. I know that while the band itself may not seem to be as big as Madonna o Lady Gaga, I find them more inspirational. This song in particular was from the first CD I bought, ironically it was their greatest hits called L.S.D and no it’s not about the drug, trust me, I read the CD’s actuall titale. Itwa s something that I enjoyed on a daily basis when I was young and I loved how kind of Matrix-like it sounded. I wonder if Matrix had the song in thir soundtrack because if not it should’ve been in there. So as you can see this song and the group are important because they introduced me to a genre that I only knew one person in and that was because my mom liked him, jean Michel Jarre…I am nto sure I spelled that write. But anyway I really find this song inspirational. Whenever I need to just chill out and think about the good ol’ music times I listen to this. I even could sing a big part of the words…okay I can’t because I have bad memory when it comes to music sometimes, but I do love it.

These three songs are important to me. They have different meanings, but in the end they are all inspirational. I find that these three might b odd combinations, but I really do find them to be the best part of me at times. Even if one of the songs is through some parts that may seem the worst. However, whenever I need something, a or a change in emotions, I play the music mentioned here. Of course there are many other songs, but I chose these three because thy are the ones that I feel the most strongly about. I feel that these songs have been with me fo r many years, actually they have been and I feel that because of it I find a sense of nostalgia with them. I could have chosen other songs with more meaning in them but honestly each song is pretty amazing in their own right. They might not tell fo god, or some epic romance, or some die hard feeling in them, but for me they do all that and more.