Cast a cold eye
     On life, on death.
     Horseman, pass by!

There is a place, close to my heart, with memories abundant.
The cold beaches, the bustling city that brought joy.
A place where the dead Yeats resided in peace
Overlooking Ben Bulben that stood proud and tall.
The ocean’s roar on the beach drowned out the city life
The church bells near Yeats’ grave rang with all their might.
Returning to the city that brought happiness and smiles
Would be a dream come true and totally worthwhile.
The smell of the wild flowers that grew alongside homes
Wisteria, Lilies and others that made themselves overgrown.
Through the bedroom breakfast where we stayed the magic overflowed
Returning to this place that brought smiles, laughter and adventure
Would be a dream come true as it felt like home away from home.
Sligo, a place where my summer had found it’s endless days
Even though we had only stayed there for a whole day
Moving on to find places nearby that were just as magical
Like Kylemore Abbey, a store selling beautiful crystals and gems
It was an area of Ireland that I’ll never be able to forget.
Imprinted in my mind, it would be the place I would return
No other place on earth or space would I yearn for.
If you could only see the beauty that city and nature had
For Sligo was a beauty in itself that gave inspiration.