There are thoughts within my mind that become tainted. They are impure thoughts that have seen the darkness that reality has created. Through this chaotic mind there are unreal images that are unseen by all. Unseen to even the loved ones of my heart.

Whether these thoughts prove to be anything more than imagination’s dusty dreams, it’s hard to tell. Sometimes they feel so real that I become the villain of my nightmares. Other times they are the world seen within my darkest part of my soul. Where does the light shine n these depressing times? Who knows for sure.

One thing I know is that when light shines upon my soul and interrupts the darkness surrounding it, I can find myself causing something to happen, something to keep things from swirling around in chaos. Becoming a form of purity that has braced itself for an enriching line of poetic rising.

Whether I fall from this rise like Icarus to the sun depends on how hard I believe in the possibility that the darkness within are just scattered hidden bits of light. Just like how dusts covers up the most exciting of treasures, or how the brush of a painting has yet to create it’s masterpiece.

My muse ceases to amaze me when it pops up from these shadows. At first they are frightening, but then become the light needed to guide my soul. Whether it is for myself or for others that is undecided even to me, but what I do know is that the world is different in the way it collides it’s creative approaches.

I may not be a creator of certain tastes, but I am a creator who tries to be open to all tastes. You never know what you can do unless you try, otherwise it is a futile attempt in tasting the world’s richest forms of inspiration.

Never disown an idea, improve upon it. Whether the darkness frightens you or the light engulfs you, embrace it and see where it leads you. Or unlike Frost who says to take the path less taken, perhaps take the old familiar road to find that spark in the dark.

Just realize that nothing is perfect and that imperfection could be something desirable. After all, we are all human of imperfection. If we were all created the same then wouldn’t our thought process be the same as well? None of the things that bring us joy would since the joy would be the same tiring boring dullness that we enjoy.

Difference is a spark that  we sometimes do not accept but if we consistently reject it then how do we get away from the darkness that tries to devour us whole? if we fight back and learn to take control of the differences within us then couldn’t we become our own versions of perfected imperfection?

It must be confusing for people to decide whether or not to embrace the light r dark side of their mind. But as it goes with creation, one can never have light without darkness and light can never be without darkness. Sort of like how love and hatred are parallels of each other, so too are light and darkness.

Yet in time the world will find it’s center, the balance that makes it unique because of all it’s differences. The world will learn to accept the fact we all have darkness within just as we do light. After all, it’s not just about fighting against the control of them within ourselves, but learning to live with them in peace.