Note: Sorry I’m in a poetic word use mood! Just my muse today~

There are five senses that most humans use, but there are
Other senses that people can find if they look within themselves.
There is what some call the sixth sense, the telepathic sense
And many other senses, but once sense may not have been
Recognized by others to be a sense, and that is the Poetic Sense.

Poet’s have a different way of writing.
They writ from their heart, their soul, their mind.
Poet’s can become the instruments of description
When describing what the day is like or a round ball.

They can taste what they have never tasted before
They can see what has never been seen
They can hear the songs never heard
They can feel many different textures
And they can smell all things including paradise.

A poet doesn’t regard the world as a mere place
But a place that holds secrets, dreams, desires
That everyone has felt at one point or another
Even when people feel that no one understands
The Poet can make them feel what they know.

So when you feel today is purple, or vivid
Or that the sky is raining tears from heaven
Or the heart beats like an excited drum
Or the haiku of the day is through spring
Then realize that the Poet’s speaking to you
From their Poetic sense that few understand.