Welcome to Poetic Brew, a place where writing and thoughts are spread out slowly like the leaves of a growing plant.

I have been writing since I was little, but I feel that my writing could improve even more. The stage it is in is not to my own desired stage, and I plan to use this blog to find that stage for my words to stand upon.

In this blog I’ll be discovering my own voice, trying to find what feels most comfortable for me. I already know that Poetry is my strong suit, but I also want to improve my Prose. So you’ll find written works in Prose format as well.

Please enjoy this blog and feel free to comment, just remember to be civil! Ciritiscm si fine but bahsing is never okay. After all, if every writer wrote the same it would be rather dull wouldn’t it? And I already admit I need to improve in certain areas of writing.
Have a glorious day or evening depending on your time!